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A fanworks community

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This is the fanworks community of the Korean girl group Dal Shabet


1) Be nice. Just...no bashing. Don't start fights. Don't be malicious. Hopefully, this won't be a problem.
2) Every post must include at least one girl from the Dal Shabet.
3) For the time being, we are limiting the number of posts per person to three in a period of 24 hours.
4) Please put any fics or large images under an LJ cut. And all adult content absolutely must be under an LJ cut.
4) Please tag your entries correctly. Here's a rundown on our infant tagging system:


-Each post must include a tag that states what type of post it is. Every entry will either have a !fanfiction, !fanart, or !graphics tag.
-If you are writing about a crossover pairing, please use the pairing tags. If you are writing about a crossover pairing, please use the *crossover tag as well as a pairing: member/crossover tag.
-Unless you are posting graphics, please tag your entry with a rating tag. I have made all of the rating tags already so do not create your own.
-For the time being we are NOT using author tags, so DO NOT tag your entries with your name.
-If you aren't writing about a pairing, you may use the member tags. If you are writing about a pairing, you DO NOT need to use the member tags unless the pairing is only secondary to the story.

I think that's it for now, but I will update the rules if any problems arise.
If you have any questions, PM me and I will do our best to answer you. Also, comment in the affiliates post if you want to advertise here or affiliate with us.

Have fun and post away:)
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