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is a multifandom/original fiction write-your-own-prompt project
inspired by visual/graphic/performance/literary art & historical situations.

For more information please see the introduction and raison d'être.

There is no minimum word count and the deadline is now October 9
so come and join the fun!

To join, simply click the join link and comment
what you're planning on writing, then head over to the
posting guidelines and pick a date.

permission to post granted by g_odalisque13

The Game Season: Coming Soon!

fest information & timelinesthe sportsf.a.q.

Hello writers!!

We're a new panfandom sports fanfiction fest planning to run from June this year. This will be our first year and we would love to have you join us!

We're a fanfiction event where writers from many different fandom communities can participate together and explore the other fandoms through the theme of sports. More information about us can be found on our livejournal, linked above.

Take a look, check it out, and if you're interested, mark those calendars and get your game on!

Permission by g_odalisque13

KPop Ficmix 2013!

kpop_ficmix 2013: cycle 3
a multi-fandom remix exchange
sign ups open from june 16 until june 30, 2013

Permission granted by g_odalisque13

2013 Valentine's Day challenge!

Do you like writing fic about women? Do you like giving and receiving valentines? Then maybe you should consider signing up for [personal profile] ambitiousgirls...

The schedule and rules can be found here and the sign-up post can be found here.

Permission granted by g_odalisque13!


I am pleased to introduce you to...


seoulfulness is an anonymous fanworks meme for fans of Korean media — essentially, a weekly kink meme run on anon power. A new prompt post goes up each Monday at 11:00 AM KST and, in these posts, leave as many prompts (in separate comments, naturally) as you'd like to see filled or fill as many prompts as you want. The rules of conduct can be found here. We also have a Dreamwidth mirror @ seoulfulness!

재미있는 시간을 가지세요! (Have a fun time!)

AD - bornalady

bornalady is hosting a girl group anonymous summer exchange, and we invite you to join us!

Rules | Sign-ups

*Sign-ups open through april 29 - may 9

*permission from g_odalisque13